Sean Hannity Calls Emergency Meeting As Rumors Swirl He's Leaving Fox News

Fox News Channel co-president Bill Shine is resigning, the company announced Monday, making him the latest major figure at the embattled organization to leave amid sexual harassment allegations brought against personalities there.

Fox News insiders told the Daily Beast after the departure of co-president Bill Shine, which Hannity has warned would be the "total end" of the network, Hannity is looking for an exit. He was promoted to lead Fox News alongside Abernethy in the wake of Ailes' departure, at the behest of Murdoch, who built the sprawling Fox entertainment empire and is the news channel's executive chairman.

Ailes, of course, was dismissed in July after former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson's sexual harassment lawsuit moved other women working at the network, including star anchor Megyn Kelly, to come forward with similar accounts of boorish behavior followed by employer retaliation.

Bill Shine's exit at Fox News has had conservative figures and fans predicting that the death of the channel is near... and Twitter echoed the sentiment Monday.

His leadership experience learned at Ailes' feet was considered invaluable for the top-rated cable network, and Shine had been named co-president with Jack Abernethy upon Ailes' departure. He added that Shine's "contribution to our channel and our country will resonate for many years". Wallace, who also joined Fox News in 1996, served as executive vice president of news.

The terse and relatively upbeat announcement masked what has become an extraordinarily tumultuous nine months for Fox News.

The news set industry wags talking about the future of Sean Hannity at the network, given reports he has suggested he'd walk if his former producer did not get company support.

The shakeup came on the same day that Fox is launching two new shows. The new president for programming, Suzanne Scott, has also been accused by some Fox News women in court of trying to intimidate them or minimize their complaints, as has the network's chief lawyer, Dianne Brandi. Both have been with the network since 1996, its year of inception.

Shine reportedly advocated to keep O'Reilly, against those gunning for him to go - Murdoch's sons Lachlan and James. According to writer Gabriel Sherman, who has always been a watchdog of Fox News and has sourced many high profile stories about the network, Fox News may not be out of the woods yet.