Paramedic drives himself to hospital following heart attack

Paramedic drives himself to hospital following heart attack

An on-call paramedic having a heart attack has used his own heart monitor to diagnose himself before driving himself by an ambulance to a hospital in Victoria's west.

David Watson was preparing to exercise while stationed in the small town of Casterton, near the South Australian border, on April 30 when he experienced a sudden, crushing pain across his chest.

He was about to embark on a work-out when he felt a sharp pain in his chest, tingles down his arms and started sweating profusely.

He knew, nearly immediately that he was having a heart attack.

"So I took myself in the ambulance 100 metres around the corner to Casterton hospital and rang their doorbell".

Mr Watson said he was the sole paramedic on duty when the heart attack hit.

Later, after being flown to Geelong and having a stent put in his artery, a doctor told him how close he came to death in the country ambulance station. A clot was found in the 52-year-old's large coronary arteries.

Speaking on 3AW Breakfast, paramedic David Watson, told Ross and John he applied the ECG on himself, before ringing colleagues to alert them. The beer's about to be thrown out too.

"I kept my mouth shut", he said.