The cognitive dissonance of Maxine Waters

The cognitive dissonance of Maxine Waters

While Trump offered copious praise for Comey before and after the 2016 election - and especially when Comey announced a renewed investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails in October - Democrats railed against him, with many calling for his ouster.

Hayes had previously asked her what she would do if she were Speaker of the House in a Democratically-controlled Congress. Waters suggested that Trump could be "charged with obstruction of justice". That's outrageous. And that's why we're having so much of a conversation about it today. In January, Waters was visibly irate with then-FBI Director James Comey. I had a resolution back in February that said he should be investigated for collusion. I think there's enough there that we know about the Kremlin and about Putin to be concerned about whether or not there was collusion.

During an MSNBC interview this afternoon, Waters did her best to strike the delicate balance of condemning the president for canning a man she's mercilessly slammed by tying everything to the Russian Federation investigation, an investigation that Comey was involved in. So, now that Trump has fired Comey, where does Waters stand on what should have happened to the ex-FBI chief? "I've said all along that he would lead us to impeachment and he's doing just that". How exactly does asking if your under investigation translate into interfering with an investigation?

"So Congresswoman ... to be clear, you believe it would have been better to keep in place an FBI Director who you said had no credibility to oversee this investigation than to find someone who you think would be a better choice", Alexander said. Everybody is talking about it because this is highly unusual.

"So she should have fired him but he shouldn't have fired him?"

My God, we need to make this woman the face of the Democratic Party. Maybe she'll even run for president. Because the one would exonerate Comey and the other would support Trump.