Wife of ESPN's Chris Berman killed in vehicle crash in CT

Kathy Berman, the 67-year-old wife of longtime ESPN broadcaster Chris Berman, died on Tuesday after being involved in a auto crash near Woodbury, Connecticut.

According to the Connecticut State Police, Kathy, 67, was driving a Lexus on a rural road in Woodbury, Connecticut, around 2 p.m. EDT Tuesday, when her vehicle collided with a Ford Escape, which she rear-ended. Berman's auto continued traveling east, veering off the road and went down a small embankment overturning in a small body of water. Bertulis' vehicle struck a utility pole during the collision. The head of the sports network said that during this moment of tragedy, all he, stars and fans can do is "give [Chris] the love and support he will surely need at this hour".

According to ESPN, the Bermans were married for 33 years and have two children.

Berman met Katherine, who was then a grade-school teacher, on a roadway by pretending to have auto trouble and asking her out when she stopped to check on him, according to a 1993 article in People magazine. The other victim was 87-year-old Edward Bertulis, of Waterbury.

The cause of the crash is now under investigation.

"Kathy Berman had a huge heart, and this would have warmed hers beyond belief".

Katherine Berman's death came one day before Chris Berman's 62nd birthday on Wednesday.

Colleagues of his and other prominent figures in the sports world sent their condolences. The Berman couple had two kids, named as Meredith and Doug.

Longtime ESPN broadcaster Chris Berman lost his wife in a auto crash Tuesday afternoon.

ESPN has since released a statement regarding the crash and deaths. He is still under the agreement with the Bristol, Conn., based system. Chris recently stepped down from his National Football League role, but still remains with the company.