PM to embark on two-day visit to Saudia Arabia tomorrow

PM to embark on two-day visit to Saudia Arabia tomorrow

Sources said PM Nawaz will raise the issue of extremism, terrorism and human rights violation in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) with Donald Trump in the course of maiden meeting between two leaders in Saudi capital Riyadh. "This is a battle between good and evil".

Saudi's royal family is offering an elaborate welcome to a new US president for whom they have great hopes of resetting a bilateral relationship that became increasingly strained during the Obama administration over its pursuit of a nuclear agreement with rival Iran.

Experts told Arab News that the visit by Trump will boost US-Arab ties after the relationship soured under his predecessor President Barack Obama.

"As a candidate for the Oval Office, Donald Trump was not shy about criticizing Saudi Arabia".

Trump's first official foreign trip since taking office will coincide with three key summits on Saturday and Sunday, as well as several business activities, cultural, intellectual and sports celebrations.

While noting that Trump has not been reading all of the memos to adequately prepare for the details of the trip, Steinberg said that it should be "an easy trip".

But Trump's outreach to the Muslim world comes as he is pursuing a policy that many have labeled as inherently anti-Muslim.

"I think there's an enormous opportunity in Saudi Arabia to bring the whole Arab world together", said U.S. Sen. Even before Mr Trump's trip morphed from a quick jaunt to Europe into a nine-day behemoth, White House aides were on edge about how he would take to grueling pressures of foreign travel: the time zone changes, the unfamiliar hotels, the local delicacies.

"Iran has taken the region hostage and has blackmailed Washington for many years", he writes on page eight.

"The one thing he absolutely needs to say is the United States is not anti-Muslim and is not pursuing a war against Islam", said Robert Ford, a senior fellow at the Middle East Institute and former U.S. ambassador to Syria.

Mr Trump is to deliver a speech on Sunday aimed at rallying Muslims in the fight against Islamic militants in Riyadh on Sunday.

Riyadh- US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania arrived in Riyadh on Saturday on a historic visit to the Kingdom, where Trump met with Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz. Only in the case of Iran does his speech advocate for the "longest-suffering" people who are subject "to their leaders' reckless attempts to dominate their neighbors".

"We're not going to lecture anyone", a senior White House official said ahead of Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia. Associated Press Diplomatic Writer Matthew Lee contributed reporting.