Google Play Protect is the new public-facing security package for Android

Similarly, by putting the camera in front of the sticker on a WiFi router an Android device user could automatically connect to the network without the need to manually enter the network password.

So, among the many new things in Android O, we will get another refresh of the way emoji look.

Google Home was announced a year ago as an Alexa competitor that would serve as the foothold for the company's new ambient search experience.

It is due to be added to the company's smart virtual helper, Google Assistant, before being rolled out.

At Google I/O, one of the Home's major missteps was quietly rectified: Google Home will, going forward, work as a Bluetooth speaker. But eventually, it will be integrated into other Google products as well, Pichai said. This means that when Android P, Q, R, S, T, and all remaining letters in the alphabet come around, the company will also launch their respective Android Go counterparts. "In an AI first world, we are rethinking all our products and applying machine learning and AI to solve user problems", he said. Later this year, Google will also integrate features that let Assistant respond visually to questions.

The AutoVoice extension for Google Chrome has been updated recently and it can provide support for recently released SDK for Google Assistant. The feature allows user to use other apps while the video continues streaming in a small window.

We hoped for a slow arc of improvement with Google Home, and new features like 200+ new third-party actions helped enormously to make it an actual Echo competitor.

All users have to do is activate Google Assistant and then ask it to send money, tell it the amount, and who to send it to, and that's it. Google also announced new developer tools for Daydream 2.0, which includes the ability for high fidelity rendering using mobile VR hardware. However, analysts said they may be wary about committing investments for creating another set of Android devices on top of the existing ones, having tasted failure once.

There are now 2 billion Android devices in the world at present, and Google is betting on Android Go to add 2 billion more.