Can Google Assistant Beat Apple's Siri on Home Turf?

Google is set to let users pay off their debts without lifting a finger.

Apart from Android Pay, mobile payments by Google will further expand not only in other regions but also because of the new Google Payment API. The app itself still works on rooted devices, it's just shows up as "incopmatible" on Google Play, with the updated changelog stating that: "version 5.0 only works with devices that are certified by Google and meet all Android requirements". The second developer preview of Android O also features a number of battery optimization options in this menu, though most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with proprietary mobile software suites will likely replace those functionalities with their in-house software.

Google is rolling out a feature that lets users add a credit or debit card to their Google Account, enabling them to easily purchase goods online without.

It will first be available as part of Google's voice-controlled digital assistant _ which bears the straightforward name "Google Assistant" - and Photos app.

Users can not integrate Assistant with non-Google apps on the iPhone.

Speaking of "anything that's smart", it's also invading its competitor Siri's personal space, heading to the iPhone as a standalone app. However, Google plans to make the system work so that Android Pay will offer to link the loyalty card to Android Pay and use it for future visits.

In Android O, we're also introducing a number of enterprise features created to provide more enhanced security.

The Card Linked Offers API provides a new way for business to send their customers target offers. Just to be clear, anyone itching to take the anticipated Android version out for a spin can download it already.

Google announced the nominations for its Play Store awards about a month ago, putting the spotlight on some of Google Play's hottest titles from the past year. And you won't have to worry about multiple apps using the same key by accident (which also happens).

While the Android One attempt may not have yielded the desired results, Google did learn an important lesson that there are users who preferred a clean, bloatware-free interface, and there are those who want regular security updates. These include the countries of Brazil, Canada, Russia, Spain, and Taiwan.

Google lens technology will convert your inactive phone camera into an assisting tool when combined with Google's Assistant. The Mountain View-based tech giant is expected to launch at least one more developer preview of its upcoming operating system later this year before the build starts hitting the stable channel.