Foreign Businesses at Meeting With Putin Show Extra Interest in Digital Economy

Russian President Vladimir Putin said US officials blaming Russia of interfence in the USA election to help Donald Trump become president "reminds me of anti-Semitism and blaming the Jews".

Putin, speaking at an economic forum in Russian Federation, said that although he thinks it would have been better for the try to change the agreement rather than leave it, he isn't rushing to condemn Trump for his decision. When I was in Germany I had said that Paris or no Paris. "We should leave earth for our future generation so that they can live a harmonious life and be able to breathe fresh air", Prime Minster Modi said at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum.

It's easier for them to say that they are not guilty, that the Russians are the guilty ones for interfering in our election.

"It's like anti-Semitism, the Jews are to blame!"

President Vladimir Putin ridiculed the allegations of Russian meddling in US elections, accusing the Democrats of trying to shift blame for their defeat and likening the accusations against Russia to anti-Semitism. "But we know where such an attitude leads to, it never ends well", Putin said.

"The US intelligence community in January concluded with high confidence that Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign to try to shape the US election".

It's the first time the Russian leader has conceded that any election-related hacking attacks may have emanated from his country. Putin added that US participation is essential for the success of global efforts.

"Trying to spy on your allies, if you really consider them allies and not vassals, is just indecent. So countries may have some disputes and some areas of collaboration", he said, noting that Indo-Russian relationship has stood the test of time as it was based on trust.

Kushner then held a secret meeting with Sergei Gorkov, head of Russia's Kremlin-connected development bank, a meeting the White House says was one of many diplomatic encounters Kushner, now a presidential adviser, held in the weeks before Trump's inauguration.

In a wide-ranging question-and-answer session, Putin also questioned Trump's call for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies to increase their military spending.

"NATO was established as a Cold War instrument in the fight against the Soviet Union. there is no longer any".

"We need to think what to do further, this agreement... is due to come into force in 2021", he said.

Instead of apologizing, Putin said, Democrats "say it's not our fault, it was the Russians".

Putin said the attack was a provocation meant to put the blame on the Syrian ruler, insisting that "Assad didn't use those weapons".