Former PSU President will do jail time and house arrest

Three ex-Pennsylvania State University administrators were sentenced Friday to jail time and house arrest on child endangerment charges in connection with a years-old child molestation scandal involving former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. All three were also fined and sentenced to community service. Friday, Curley was sentenced to 7-23 months, with three of those months to be served in jail and four under house arrest; Schultz was sentenced to 6-23 months, with two of those months to be served in jail and four under house arrest; and Spanier was sentenced to 4-12 months, with two of those months to be served in jail and two under house arrest.

"These men are good people who made a bad mistake", said Judge John Boccabella, a former senior judge from Berks County who came out of retirement to preside over the trial.

Prosecutors said Curley and Schultz never called the police, even though they knew the accusations were similar to the allegations in the 1998 report.

Paterno "could have made that phone call without so much as getting his hands dirty", Boccabella said.

In a sentencing memo filed in Dauphin County court, prosecutors said Spanier has "shown a stunning lack of remorse of his victims" and called for him to be punished for "choosing to protect his personal reputation and that of the university instead of the welfare of children".

"The single most important thing I can say is that I'm sorry", he told the court Friday. From his ouster after Sandusky's arrest in late 2011 through his trial this spring, the former president insisted he was innocent and didn't realize that Sandusky, the longtime assistant to head football coach Joe Paterno, was a threat to children.

But after their testimony was far less damning than prosecutors had hoped, the jury convicted Spanier of misdemeanor child endangerment - the charge to which the others pleaded guilty - while acquitting him of a second endangerment charge and felony conspiracy.

The men were sentenced Friday.

The case hinged on coaching assistant Mike McQuearys claim that he witnessed Sandusky — a retired member of the coaching staff who ran a charity for youngsters — molesting a boy in the team showers in 2001.

Curley was sentenced to seven to 23 months' incarceration and two years' probation, Grace said. Spanier was also a fascinating character: He studied sociology and wrote papers about mate-swapping and extramarital behavior, which made for entertaining reading for students.

Prosecutors reserved some of their harshest words for Spanier, with Chief Deputy Attorney General Laura Ditka saying he was "a complete and utter failure as a leader when it mattered most". Spanier never met with McQueary, and heard about the incident through Curley and Schultz.

The university has already paid out almost $250 million in settlements, legal bills, fines and other costs stemming from the scandal.

"It sickens me to think that I might have played a part in children's suffering", Schultz said. She said his inaction "allowed children to be harmed". They accused Curley of exhibiting "astonishing" memory lapses on the witness stand and condemned Schultz for his "puzzling dereliction of duty".