Mike Brown compares Finals return to Cleveland to Lion King

I'm not saying the Cavaliers should try to injure Steph Curry, Kevin Durant or Klay Thompson.

It's circle the wagons time in Cleveland. I'm not here to wring my hands over competitive balance and the state of the league, or complain about what this series might have been without KD, or wonder about the future of LeBron.

What time does "Matlock" come on? Don't go into Cleveland thinking we've got a cushion. But they are a very good team.

There is no denying the Warriors' greatness, but there also is no denying how putrid these playoffs have been. "Those guys really get going from three, and I think that's what fuels them".

"And if going home to Cleveland and playing in front of our crowd isn't enough for you, then you might as well go home".

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee announced that Game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday will be broadcast live on a jumbotron in Civic Center Plaza.

If you help on Durant, you risk letting Curry, a two-time MVP, beat you. This time, he only had 12 points on six shots.

After a timeout in the first quarter, the Warriors ran a baseline exchange between Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

"I operate under the assumption that our guys know what to do and they know their system", Golden State assistant and defensive specialist Ron Adams said. They're also rolling with Draymond Green, potentially the best defender the NBA's seen since Scottie Pippen, and a floor-spacing playmaker who fits perfectly on offense.

In a league when a brush of the arm constitutes as a foul these days, and there's no longer a thing called traveling, the Durant signing is one of the few reasons I've been watching the playoffs thus far. "That's the goal. He wants to be great. with that comes pressure from yourself more than anybody can ever put on you". And Oracle Arena, which a friend once likened to playing inside a jet engine. Curry wasn't fully healthy or impactful in the series, and Andre Iguodala had a back issue. And Bob Myers. On and on.

The Cavs chose to put their team together in a different way. Compare that to him shooting 35.3 percent in isolation and 41.6 percent in the pick-and-roll in this series and the Warriors have slowed him down in two areas that usually make up over half of his scoring.

Plus, the cookies. Remember when LeBron threw that Halloween party? If that's the case, we'll likely see the Warriors and Cavs again in the Finals. This time it's 16-0.

The Warriors won their first title in 40 years in 2015, downing an injury-hit Cleveland squad, and won a record 73 regular-season games the following campaign. Same thing a year ago. It's a response that even Warriors haters would have to respect. "We have to give them something to cheer for". "Go after the heart!" he screamed.

In addition to the huge gravitational pull of the "beige hole", distorting and twisting the already compromised Cavaliers' defense like time and space, Curry is also playing well enough to win without an upgraded supporting cast. It's the one Warriors story that would be worth re-telling.

The NBA faithful will tell us to be patient.

That's why LeBron looked and sounded so demoralized late Sunday in Oakland. "Just handle business the way you're supposed to handle business and that's the way you make history".

Brown had been filling in for Steve Kerr for most of these playoffs while Kerr nursed a back problem. It was great for me to have Mike to kind of like go through the season with me, and kind of help me out and help me get adjusted. No drama, but no history, either.

"We still remember what happened a year ago", Warriors guard Klay Thompson said. It would be the most spiteful response imaginable to everything that happened a year ago.

So even though ABC is now on track to put up the biggest NBA Finals deliveries since MJ's last hurrah, everything depends on Cleveland putting together another rally for the ages - one that would be even more impressive. "And they constantly break records every year".