The 10 Biggest Changes Apple Didn't Announce on Stage at WWDC

Finally, Apple has launched a new dedicated developer page created to help app creators get their apps featured in the newly redesigned App Store. IBTimes, India explores the best features of the two mobile operating systems to determine the ultimate victor. So it senses when you are driving and it turns your iPhone to the "do not disturb" mode.

Apple has showcased some really cool AR demos at the event.

Apple has put a great deal of thought into how iOS 11 can improve the iPad experience, which is fully welcomed, as the majority of exciting iOS changes tend to benefit the iPhone more. And indeed, the iPod became much more than just a music player, eventually taking on audiobooks, photos, videos, games and even sprouting a camera for a bit before the iPhone proved a vastly superior convergence device.

Originally spotted by Cydia Geeks, when enabled, the Offload Unused Apps feature will remove apps that you never use, while keeping their documents and data on your device. On the contrary, Siri looks outdated with no updates popping out for the digital assistant from the WWDC.

But the best new addition for people using the iPad in a professional setting may be the operating system's new feature that allows users to mark up virtually documents that they can access on their iPads using the Apple Pencil.

iOS 11's refinement and redesign of Apple's iOS ecosystem has been the talk of the town in the past 2 days. That's the next evolutionary stage for mobile operating systems, anyway. It still lacks numerous features that drive podcast fans to the competition, though, including smart high-speed mode, and streaming playback.

As foreseen, some iPhone and iPad will not have an update to iOS 11. But the Siri wasn't that smart like Google Assistant or Alexa so Apple has worked on it to make it better. With no control over location access before, your device could end up gobbling up battery life there's no tomorrow.

Apple's WWDC brought a lot of improvements and new features to their iOS that will soon see its eleventh iteration.

What he didn't seem to emphasize was what made the tools themselves interesting.

Notable about Apple's first foray into VR is that it is very limited: Apple isn't building its own headset, and has instead struck a partnership with HTC to power the company's Vive hardware.

However, Apple company did not say anything how the Pokemon Go will work individually with ARKit. There is no clear victor when it comes to the AR field.