This Is The New Control Center In Apple's iOS 11

This Is The New Control Center In Apple's iOS 11

Another cycle, another update for iOS. Matter of factly, oohs and ahhs were aplenty on a number of new things iOS 11 has to offer when it was unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference. In many ways it's even better, since it allows you to pick up multiple objects and then drag them to a new destination in another app.

Apple is expected to bring the official iOS 11 by the end of this year.

On the iPhone, it's restricted to moving objects within the same app; but on the iPad, you can switch to another app already in Split View mode and drop them there.

The app store has also got a facelift with iOS 11 to make app and game discovery faster.

The company's new augmented reality development platform was shown off in an impressive demo that involved virtual objects being overlaid on a table that had been set up on-stage during the keynote presentation.

- Siri has been bumped up once again, and this time Apple's friendly digital assistant can translate five languages (Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish).

Apple has finally added support for optical image stabilisation along with HDR for portrait mode (on compatible devices only). Geskin also posted schematic images that purport to show the design of the new iPhone. Or just order Siri to do it. Note that this will only be available to you if you are a verified Apple developer.

The News app is also updated with a brand new Spotlight tab. Categories are now on dedicated turfs, and browsing through apps has been made more interactive. Apple's recent moves appear to capitalize on these two key trends.

The Maps app will support indoor mall and airport maps. It also adds lane assists when turning.

The Apple Music Profiles are revamped, and you'll be able to check out what your friends at listening to.

- One-handed keyboard mode on the iPhone has a new QuickType keyboard, giving quicker access to numbers and special characters.

The Lock Screen has been improved, and you'll be able to see all of your Notifications in one single place. Need to sign and send something? With this iPad Pro, Apple comes closer than ever to simulating that experience. Makes sense, right? And is it an aim to Microsoft's Surface?

But rumours suggest that the software could be rolled out in the Autumn, alongside the highly-anticipated iPhone 8.

But, in one big way, reviewing the iPad Pro, now as a device for real work would only be telling half the story.

Those were the good.

Now, with the revelation of iOS 11 and iPad-specific features, it looks like Apple is warming to the idea of giving users more of a desktop-like experience on its tablets. Have a look at some of the most important iOS 11 features. This is on developers, though; they've got to keep up with the pace. "Third-party apps no longer have access to those signed-in accounts". The offload unused apps feature removes unused installed apps without removing the app data.

You can go to Settings General About Applications App Compatibility to see which apps are in need of some makeover. As soon as we get some more details on exactly when iOS 11 will be released, we will let you guys know.

Apple is also getting more serious about the low end of the tablet market. However, if you don't want to wait too long, here's how you can install the latest iOS 11 on your device right now. The world is depending on you'.