Queen Elizabeth and Prince William Comfort Survivors of the Grenfell Tower Disaster

A man has been jailed after admitting posting pictures of one of the victims of the London tower block fire on social media.

(AP Photo/Matt Dunham). A resident in a nearby building watches smoke rise from a building on fire in London, Wednesday, June 14, 2017.

At least 30 people are known to have died as fire ripped through the 24-storey building in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Scuffles broke out near the Kensington and Chelsea town hall offices as demonstrators chanting "We want justice!" surged toward the doors. The horror that ensued during the midnight fire left many in London convinced that the tragedy could have been averted.

The tower housed some 600 people in 120 apartments.

Shock and grief over the Grenfell Tower inferno were last night joined by fury as residents demanded to know why their warnings of a disaster were ignored for years. That's not a prime minister "for the people", as the Tories said - not at all.

Dozens of police officers held back booing crowds and broke up scuffles as her vehicle drove off from a local church, where she had met survivors, residents and volunteers and promised new funds for those affected.

Cundy said police had started a criminal investigation but there was nothing to suggest "that the fire had been started deliberately". The cause of the fire has not yet been announced.

But when asked if she misjudged the public mood May replied: "What I have done since this incident took place is to ensure that the public services had the support that they needed".

The residential tower was built in 1974 and had been extensively refurbished in works that were completed past year.

Aluminum composite panels essentially consist of two thin layers of aluminum sandwiched around a lightweight insulating material.

According to the Times of London, the cladding's manufacturer said its use is banned in the USA on high-rise buildings "because of the fire and smoke spread".

The material believed to have been used for the refurbishment has been banned in high-rise buildings in the United States, according to the Times. It did not address their exact makeup.

He said it was "extremely worrying" if the external cladding fitted to the block was now deemed a fire risk. And with the Grenfell Tower fire, the situation is even more urgent. Whole families are said to be among the missing.

Overnight, 109 families made homeless from the blaze were housed at hotels in west London.

Numerous displaced are living in churches and community centres.

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Cambridge visited the area Friday and met with residents and community representatives, CNN reported.

Our thoughts go out to all the victims and families during this tragic time.

He said he and his colleagues were praying that they were heading towards a new building under construction rather than a tower block filled with people as they drove towards the blaze. "[The material is usually] flame retardant, so it doesn't catch fire as easily, but the temperatures you're talking about are often 900, 1,000 degrees centigrade, and in those conditions, any material will generally burn". "You get a lot of fragmentation of bodies, charring of bones and sometimes all that's left is ash", said Peter Vanezis, a professor of forensic medical sciences at Queen Mary University in London. "Sometimes all that's left is ash". Police have said it could take months to search the building and some victims might never be identified.