Feds To Call For Internet Tax On Streaming Services

Feds To Call For Internet Tax On Streaming Services

Many openly gay members of Canada's liberal part were also present at the occasion. Sources tell the Globe and Mail that the new plan, which is still under development, would add hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues to the Canadian Media Fund, which is already funded by a levy on cable TV bills to help finance the production of Canadian content.

Speaking at an event in Montreal, he commented: "We respect the independence of committees and Parliament and the work and the studies they do, but allow me to be clear: we're not raising taxes on the middle class, we're lowering them".

The tax will be applied to "broadband internet providers", but their offered basic services packages would be exempt from the tax. "That is not an idea we are taking on".

So Liberal Hedy Fry says that tax should apply to internet distribution since some content is only streamed online.

The report also recommends forcing the CBC to eliminate digital advertising; allowing media companies to deduct taxes on digital advertising on Canadian-owned platforms; and a five-year tax credit to compensate print outlets for a portion of their digital investments.

"We found that this was a risk that they would go into streaming and escape the usual five per cent tax ... so we're suggesting that that five per cent levy be expanded to include streaming."

Conservative MP Peter Van Loan tabled a dissenting report, which he described as being "very much in contrast" with the main document. "This world is changing, and change brings disruption".

"In our view, higher taxes and government control of the news is not the answer to the problem".

Section 19 establishes the tax deductibility of expenses incurred in advertising in the Canadian newspaper press and broadcasting industry, where the adverts are directed primarily at the Canadian market.

Trudeau had made an official visit to the island only two weeks earlier - and 40 years after his father - but had not met with the ailing Castro.

"The goal, apparently, is to try and counter the advertising revenue headed out of the country courtesy of Facebook, Netflix, Google and other worldwide - mostly U.S. oriented - industry giants".