Grenfell Tower families to receive minimum of £5500 from No 10

Grenfell Tower families to receive minimum of £5500 from No 10

She said since the devastating fire in London staff members from Gentoo have visited every home in the Wearside tower blocks to assure people and address any concerns they may have.

It comes after a volunteer claimed survivors were being given just £10 to live on by the local council.

Eve Allison, a Conservative who sits on Kensington and Chelsea Council, said the council has a duty of care to survivors of the fire.

Bishop Tomlin, who is speaking at Sunday's service, said after the meeting that residents left feeling they had been listened to.

She was jeered on a visit to the North Kensington estate on Friday, and protesters marching on Friday and Saturday called for her resignation.

Told there was a need for the public to hear her say something had gone badly wrong and the Government accepted responsibility, Mrs May said: "Something awful has happened".

The statement said: "t said: "We are devastated by this tragedy".

On Sunday Chancellor Philip Hammond said there would be an investigation to see if building rules had been violated in reference to the cladding which had swathed the building, allegedly to improve the view from nearby luxury flats, and may have accelerated the blaze.

"I've heard stories of heroism, from Christians, from Muslims and from others, looking after their brothers and sisters, their neighbours and doing the job that we expect from this brilliant community because of the fantastic community that is here in this part of London".

"It may well be the defining outcome of this tragedy that the worst mistakes of the 1960s and 1970s are systematically torn down", he said.

Police released images inside Grenfell Tower that show the damage caused by the blaze.

Britain will act on any recommendations from a probe into a fire that ripped through an apartment block and killed at least 58 people, ministers said, responding to a tragedy their critics said showed something had gone "badly wrong" in the country.

But Mark Cripps, a spokesman for Municipal Affairs Minister Bill Mauro, said the Ontario Building Code also stipulates that if "combustible cladding" is used on a building over three storeys, the structure must be equipped with automatic sprinkler protection. "That's my understanding", he said. The second question is were they correctly complied with?

"That will be a subject that the inquiry will look at".

Housing company Gentoo now has more than 2,000 tenants living in 26 multi-storey buildings across Wearside and says the security of residents is of paramount importance.

He promised an "exhaustive" criminal investigation that would also look at a major refurbishment of the tower completed past year.