Boston Celtics Trade #1 Draft Pick to Philadelphia 76ers

As for the Celtics, they add to the absurd war chest of first round draft picks accumulated (nine draft picks in the first rounds of the next two drafts) which they will nearly certainly be using as an all-out assault on bringing in existing franchise talent.

CAMDEN - Markelle Fultz arrived at the Philadelphia 76ers' training complex Saturday night. And we'll get an additional player that we want in next year's draft, or the year after. The Celtics moved down two spots to No. 3 and picked up another first-round selection in either 2018 or 2019 - with Ainge saying the deal came at no cost to Boston whatsoever. "Two teams have two different agendas and you try to get to a common ground and where both sides feel comfortable moving forward and making a deal". I have a good relationship with Bryan Colangelo and Jerry Colangelo and I think they're doing a fantastic job there in Philadelphia.

Team Africa will be captained by the Los Angeles Lakers' Luol Deng, a two-time NBA All-Star who is from the South Sudan, and the Atlanta Hawks' Thabo Sefolosha, an 11-year NBA veteran whose father was born in South Africa.

"We think it's very good value", Ainge said of the deal.

"This is certainly a trade that is under the microscope more than others", Ainge said.

Smith said that the Bulls offered Butler to the 76ers in an attempt to acquire the third overall pick in the draft, but that Philadelphia wasn't interested. The trade only makes sense if they sense Boston would select Jackson at No. 3 overall. The Celtics could simply stay put and draft a future potential star, or trade down for more picks and more cap space to make a run at a perennial All-Star.

That goes along with the reports that the Celtics were considering Kansas' Josh Jackson ahead of Fultz, although there has been recent steam behind Boston taking Jayson Tatum out of Duke. Whether it be late in the first round or a second-round pick, they need to think future soon, so expect some movement. This past season, they had one of the best records in the league and were able to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals, but appear to be a couple players away from getting any further. The Sixers are reportedly going after University of Washington point guard Markelle Fultz, who has drawn comparisons to All-Star Russell Westbrook.

Fultz averaged 23.2 points, 5.7 rebounds and 5.9 assists in 25 games during his lone college season at Washington, excelling on a team that finished 9-22.

The Cavs did not know when they drafted Wiggins that LeBron James would return, presenting Cleveland with a win-now scenario. "I can't wait for the draft on Thursday and continue to move forward". He arrived at the training complex wearing his own Sixers hat, planned to get a cheesesteak after his workout, and took a photo with Simmons, Joel Embiid and Robert Covington.