Ikea is absolutely onboard with Apple's AR vision

Ikea is absolutely onboard with Apple's AR vision

While IKEA already offers a basic version of this within its iOS app, Valdsgaard says the advent of ARKit means that it will be far more accurate than it is now.

IKEA has been making efforts to use digital tools to increase its sales for some time.

The new AR app will be available in Fall 2017. Ikea also hopes to add a feature that lets you buy furniture from the app after you virtually map it out in your house.

IKEA is in the midst of working with Apple on an AR app that will allow its customers to preview furniture pieces around their home. In fact, Valdsgaard hinted that newly launched IKEA products might be featured on the app even before they're displayed at brick-and-mortar IKEA outlets. Apple is enabling developers to build their own AR apps for the iOS ecosystem using the SDK. At first, it may not be possible for customers to actually pay for the future inside the app, the spokesperson added, although that is the ultimate goal for it.

Valdsgaard believes Apple's know-how and recent progress within AR will be a crucial complement to Ikea's in-house competencies. Now, as per the company, Apple's AR platform will allow for a much greater quality and consistency. "It's super interesting to us".

Michael Valdsgaard, IKEA executive spoke about the company's partnership with Apple and its recently announced ARKit.

The stores are our primary asset.

While Valdsgaard emphasized that Ikea remains a furniture company first and foremost, tech will become a key element in its operations. Actual dimensions so you won't end up buying that double bed that just won't fit. Apparently Apple's AR tech is so precise that positioning will be accurate to the milimetre, with accurate sizing and lighting.