Who is Trump's new lawyer, Jay Sekulow?

Who is Trump's new lawyer, Jay Sekulow?

"If the Washington Post leaks were correct, the president would be under investigation for taking an action that the Justice Department asked him to take". So I appreciate you trying to rephrase it, but I'm just being really direct with you, Chris.

And so, investigators will likely try to determine whether Trump indicated in that meeting that he'd already made his decision, and indicated to them his reason for it, in effect enlisting them in an effort to create a cover story for the firing.

But he contradicted himself on "Fox News Sunday", where he first told Fox News' Chris Wallace that Trump isn't being investigated, and later slipped and said he was - then conceded by saying he "read the mind" of the special prosecutor.

"No, Chris. Let me be crystal clear so you completely understand: We have not received nor are we aware of any investigation of the president of the United States", Sekulow said. I didn't say investigation, YOU said investigation...the Washington Post said investigation... "That is protected under the constitution", Sekulow argued. As Salon's Heather Digby Parton points out, Sekulow's wife, brother, sons and sister-in-law "dominate the boards of both organizations" in an arrangement not dissimilar from how Trump ran his business and, to a lesser extent, the White House.

"I just gave you the legal theory of how the constitution works", Sekulow said.

And not unlike others who advise Trump on personal matters, Sekulow regularly appears on Fox News, as well as hosts a syndicated daily radio talk show.

"It will be in the history books", Sekulow said.

"No, he's not being investigated", Sekulow interjected. "And now he's being investigated by the Department of Justice", Sekulow told Wallace. "I don't think you should be rushing the stage, period, whether you agree or not".