Killer Instinct Is Heading to Steam

Killer Instinct Is Heading to Steam

The announcement was made after the Community Effort 2017 tournament that took place in Orlando, Florida. Well, now there's good news for players.

The official Killer Instinct Twitter account sent out a tweet, announcing that the game will be coming to Steam some time this year. Thanks to @CEOJebailey for helping us break the news.

Iron Galaxy hasn't really said why it has chose to release Killer Instinct via Steam after all this time, but I'm sure many fans will not be complaining about this. However, surely enough, information will be forthcoming such as whether or not there will be cross-platform play or will there be incentives for existing owners of the game who will make the jump. Beyond that, we may see the Killer Instinct Definitive Edition launch on Steam, which includes 26 characters from the game's first three seasons.

As mentioned earlier, other than the confirmation, the release date has not been unveiled, putting other players on edge.

This news is flawless for Killer Instinct fans who do not have an Xbox One and want nothing to do with the Windows Store: apparently, the game will be available on Steam "later this year".

It was initially developed by Double Helix Games before the studio was purchased by Amazon in 2014.