It's on! Mayweather vs. McGregor this summer in Las Vegas

With the breaking news from this week surrounding Mayweather and McGregor, UFC stars have been asking for fights with boxers on the undercard of the pay-per-view.

But Mayweather has earned a reputation as one of the savviest fighters in the history of boxing, silencing more explosive opponents like Pacquiao with his astute technical approach. Such a statement would have sounded truly ridiculous a year ago.

But this is a deal that has had its fair share of critics, with highly respected figures branding the fight an "embarrassment", while some fighters have been keen to get on the undercard. "Obviously Conor and I have been talking a lot throughout this negotiation, and he wants to turn around and fight again this year". The same reason is what convinced McGregor to step into an unfamiliar arena of combat that will nearly surely end in defeat.

Perhaps it is still ridiculous.

Ireland's McGregor, 28, who has won 21 out of his 24 MMA fights, has helped to turn the UFC from a cult phenomenon into a global sport.

McGregor has held UFC featherweight and lightweight title belts, but has never boxed in either professional or amateur settings.

But does the public really care about that?

Conor McGregor has set plenty of gate and pay-per-view records in MMA, and he might just achieve similar things in boxing. I hope he kicks him in the last round because it would be nice to see Mayweather's head split open.

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"The reason McGregor is as big as he is, is because he will fight anybody, anywhere, anytime".

The fight has stirred a mixed response amongst both casual and hardcore boxing fans and will continue to do so right up until fight night. I mean, first of all, that is absolutely in the contract, No. 1. The disappointing farce that was Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao in 2015 could put something of a dent in this fight's bid to be the biggest PPV seller of all-time. When Conor hits people, they go. On August 26th, the Notorious #Conor McGregor will fight Floyd Mayweather in #Las Vegas. It will take place on August 26 T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.