Attorney: Trump Not Under Investigation

Attorney: Trump Not Under Investigation

But there are conflicting signals about what is actually happening.

"The President is not a subject or target of an investigation".

Over the weekend, attorney Jay Sekulow appeared on CBS News "Face The Nation" and contradicted that claim. "You could know. Why you haven't picked up the phone and find out is a little odd".

What has been reported about whether Trump is under investigation?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has not yet opened an obstruction of justice case against President Donald Trump, and hasn't even made the decision to do so.

Ironically, June 19 was the 45th anniversary of the first Washington Post story about Watergate. The New York Times also reported that Mueller was seeking interviews with Coats, Rodgers and Ledgett, although the report only described these interviews as an "indication" that Mueller was investigating if Trump obstructed justice. "Something about the way I was conducting it, the president felt, created pressure on him that he wanted to relieve", Comey told the Senate Select Intelligence Committee.

But while Mueller mulls over that decision, more and more voices are being raised calling for him to step aside due to a serious conflict of interest that probe would represent.

In aggressively worded statements and confrontational TV appearances, Trump's personal lawyers and newly hired proxies have shown themselves more than ready to defend him in the manner to which he is accustomed - with arguments seemingly aimed at public opinion as much as at warding off any actual legal threat from prosecutors.

The person Mr. Trump appears to be referring to is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Although the White House initially said Rosenstein's memo led Trump to fire Comey, the president later said in a television interview that he did so because of the Russian Federation investigation.

The tweet sparked speculation that Trump may pull a nuclear option by firing Mueller and Rosenstein, a move senior aides have fervently advised against - given that it could provoke a constitutional crisis. There's reason to doubt the competence of the president's current legal team.

In that role, Mueller is not independent - he answers to Rosenstein (because Jeff Sessions, the attorney general, is recused). He said Trump's statement on Twitter Friday was specifically in response to a story in The Washington Post about the expanding probe into Russia's election meddling.

"We've received no notice of investigation".

Asked about the possibility that an investigation has since developed and the president does not know, Sekulow said: "I can't read people's minds, but I can tell you this, we have not been notified that there's an investigation to the president of the United States".

Representatives for President Trump's son-in-law have reached out to these attorneys because Kushner's allies have been questioning the connection between Kushner's current lawyer and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the report said. "That's the constitutional threshold question here". Sekulow spent Monday morning trying to clean up the Wallace interview and maintain that his client isn't being investigated.

You have to wonder just what "anonymous sources" the Washington Post relied on to publish this bit of fake news.

"He probably can't say nothing, but I think he should say as little as possible - and it should be so boring that it makes for bad copy", he said.