Punjab govt announces debt waiver for farmers owning up to 5 acres

Punjab govt announces debt waiver for farmers owning up to 5 acres

The merger is also in line with the pattern followed in the central government, where the department concerned is known as Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, under the Ministry of Personnel, said the spokesperson.

His comments came after Punjab on Monday became the third state to write off farm loans.

After Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, Punjab announced a loan waiver for farmers but centre refused to do the same. The group was given the responsibility to suggest ways in which the state government could help the distressed farmers.

Amarinder was under pressure from various quarters to implement his poll promise of farm debt waiver that played a major role in propping up the Congress to the winning position in the recent state Assembly polls.

The government shall give enough time to trade, industry and business to adopt the GST procedures, he said, adding that his government had also chose to appoint a tax ombudsman to address public grievances objectively and impartially.

Speaking in the Punjab Assembly, Singh said that the "ex-gratia for suicide affected families" will also be increased from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 5 lakh.

The state government has also chose to review the Punjab Settlement of Agriculture Indebtedness Act, 2016 to "provide the desired relief to farmers through mutual acceptable debt reconciliation and settlement, which shall be statutorily binding on both the parties-the lender and the borrower".

Amarinder announced his decision to immediately give up the subsidy at his own farms to set a personal example, and appealed to his colleagues to do the same. He claimed that during the last 10 years, the state government had got only Rs 230 crore as revenue from mining of sand/gravel, while his government had, through a single auction, raised revenue of Rs 280 crore, which was expected to rise to Rs 500-600 crore per annum once all auctions were completed.

The measures aimed at creation of wealth in agriculture, industry and service sectors which generate more employment would receive greater attention, he said.