Thousands join India's Modi, hit the mat for International Yoga Day

Thousands join India's Modi, hit the mat for International Yoga Day

He said that the International Yoga Day was aimed at raising the awareness of people globally to the many benefits of practicing yoga.

In an interesting development on the International Yoga Day, Baba Ramdev and Amit Shah have helped create a new Guinness World Record by enabling the most number of participants during a yoga session. It's also the International Day of Yoga. While in much of the Western world yoga is popular as a system of physical exercise, in India, it is much more than physical exercise; it has a meditative and spiritual core.

Uttar Pradesh Governor Ram Naik and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath joined the Prime Minister in performing yoga at the sprawling venue.

From the deck of an aircraft carrier to the sub-zero temperatures of a Himalayan military outpost, tens of thousands of Indians have joined Prime Minister Narendra Modi to celebrate the third International Yoga Day.

On Wednesday the United Nations headquarters in NY lit up with images of poses, among the events being held across more than 100 countries to mark the third International Yoga Day.

There are now 10,800 yoga schools in China and one India-China Yoga College at Yunnan Minzu University in Kunming, with the practice gaining in popularity.

Yoga poses such as the Downward Facing Dog, where your balance your body on all fours, or the Warrior Pose, where a participant balances on one leg, can really build muscular strength and aid balance.

Pakistani yoga guru Shamshad Haider, who runs over 50 clubs across the country, said in a telephonic interview from Islamabad: "Due to Ramdan and people preparing for Eid, we could not organise a big event this year". He also explained the importance of Yoga using an analogy of salt. "I believe that yoga will be the medium to provide good health to people", Mr Fadnavis later told reporters.

A retired geologist, Lele said her father's profession was what first dictated to him that yoga should be an important part of life. "Yoga is a medium to achieve wellness", Prime Minister Modi said.

Police in New Delhi closed roads to make room for a mass yoga session held amid tight security in the heart of the capital.