'Mathamagician' leaves America's Got Talent judges speechless

'Mathamagician' leaves America's Got Talent judges speechless

America's Got Talent has crowned its latest Golden Buzzer act - but if you think they look a bit familiar, you'd be spot on. Right before dance group Light Balance began their routine, Howie Mandel leaned back in his seat and said with a smile, "This should be interesting".

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Simon Cowell singled out the soloist in the choir and told her, "If you ever give up deciding to be in a choir, you know how to get a hold of me".

'I'm amazed by you guys - wasn't that incredible, like insane crazy good?' she told them, adding: 'You blew my mind!' before hitting the buzzer and sending them straight through to the live shows.

Yes, 25 years old Tom London did all this on the TV reality show America's Got Talent audition and left everyone in shock. After a trick with the audience's phones, the judges pick three volunteers to join London - with the magician calling host Tyra Banks onto the stage, too.

The AGT hopeful delivered a handsome cover of Christina Perri's "Arms", which is the song she sings to her dad whenever he's having a tough time during his battle with cancer. But something about Light Balance's performance struck a chord with Tyra, according to WCMH-TV (Columbus).

Musicians are always going to have a place on America's Got Talent but the Golden Buzzer should be used to promote and reward those acts that make the show special.

Meanwhile, the dancers themselves are hoping that their Golden Buzzer moment will lead to bigger and better things for them. She didn't just reward an act that was so obviously beloved.

Clair comes from the small town of Florence, Arizona, where her dad works at one of the local prisons.