No bond for suspect in stabbing of Flint airport officer

No bond for suspect in stabbing of Flint airport officer

FLINT, Michigan | Montreal, Amor Ftouhi, suspected of having committed the terrorist attack last June 21 at the global airport Bishop Flint, Michigan, will be back in court Wednesday.

Ftouhi wore a medical mask over his mouth and twice mumbled words as he entered court for the brief hearing.

The hearing was to determine if a judge would grant bail for the man accused to stabbing a police officer at Flint's Bishop International Airport.

Amor Ftouhi, 49, is unlikely to be granted bond Wednesday because the charge is serious and he lives outside the U.S. Officials said Ftouhi targeted a city with an global airport, but declined to say why Flint was chosen.

Ftouhi was escorted to and from court by U.S. Marshals. Ftouhi shared that he doesn't use drugs or alcohol, has no mental or physical health problems and that he last worked two weeks ago.

Federal Bureau of Investigation officials declined to provide details on where Ftouhi attempted to buy the gun or what type of gun he tried to purchase. Officials wouldn't share where he attempted to purchase the gun but noted that Ftouhi, who legally entered the USA through NY on June 16, arrived in MI on the Sunday prior to the Wednesday attack.

"If this matter is taken before the grand jury before then, then this date will be for an indictment rather than preliminary exam", Dawkins noted.