These Activists Channelled 'The Handmaid's Tale' To Protest The 'Trumpcare' Bill

These Activists Channelled 'The Handmaid's Tale' To Protest The 'Trumpcare' Bill

This would lead to massive implications for many women as they rely on PP for the provision of essential services like abortion and birth control.

The protestors were outside Capitol Hill to speak out against the Senate's proposed repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

If you're not familiar with the concept let us catch you up.

The Handmaid's Tale is based on a novel by Margaret Atwood where handmaids live under a totalitarian regime in America and are forced to bear children for wealthier couples who can not conceive. In this alternative future state, the democratic government has been overthrown and replaced with a totalitarian one.

The Handmaid's Tale Season 1 is now streaming on Hulu.

Women dressed up as handmaids have been protesting at stage legislatures across the country, often about bills that regulate abortion or limit women's access to health care. The aim of the protest was to draw a parallel between the novel, which, according to Cosmo, illustrates "a dystopian future in which women are stripped of their reproductive rights" and our current political climate. Also, Planned Parenthood, a non-profit organisation that provides sexual health care, particularly for women, would be defunded.

Handmaids have arrived at the Capitol.

"It would be the worst bill for women in generations and decimate women's healthcare". Volunteers dressed like handmaids and traveled from NY to Washington for the protest. Added fellow protestor Elena Lipsiea, "Dressing up as a handmaid gives a clear message to our administration and the Senate about how seriously we take their decisions and how radically it can affect our lives".

The Hill'sTaylor Lorenz, posted a picture of the costumed women on Tuesday shouting "Shame!" at GOP senators as they exited the building.