Britain's opposition Labour Party to force vote in parliament on pay cap

Britain's opposition Labour Party to force vote in parliament on pay cap

This month's election left the Conservatives several votes short of a parliamentary majority, and defeat Wednesday could topple Prime Minister Theresa May's government.

Labour's motion called on the government "to recruit more police officers and firefighters. end the public sector pay cap and give the emergency and public services a fair pay rise".

"When you cut local authority budgets by 40%, we all pay a price in public safety", Corbyn railed amid cries of "shameful" and "apologize" from Conservative backbenchers.

There is a link between cuts in local authority expenditure and the level of building control, inspections that have taken place and therefore the safety of the residents in those towers.

Under leftist leader Jeremy Corbyn, Labour had been expected to lose seats on June 8 but instead made gains.

Hitting a serious yet strident tone, he added: "I urge the prime minister to come up with the resources that all our communities can truly feel safe in their own homes". "This disaster must be a wake-up call".

Needless to say, the fact that Farage built an entire political movement on the back of regular BBC guest spots, he having successfully worked out that the Beeb always likes a bit of splutter on its airwaves, was much noted by other tweeters responding to Farage's remarks.

"The cladding of tower blocks did not begin under this government", she said.

Because even if previous governments bear some responsibility, May is in charge now so she - and only she - can fix the problems that have been highlighted by this awful tragedy.

But Labour wants to force the government to publicly defend public spending cuts, with an eye on the prospect of another election if May can not hold on. The following year, rules were relaxed and the responsibility passed to councils.

Theresa May hit back with an attack on Tony Blair for having changed fire regulations. Rather, she questioned why building inspectors had failed to detect the risky cladding at Grenfell Tower.

"It is an issue which has been continuing for many years, for decades, in terms of cladding being put up in buildings". They can not ensure that such a thing never happens again if they refuse to acknowledge the possible reasons why it happened.

"We think they need more money to be paid into those services and more staff in them".

"Mrs. May called the election so not to have a coalition of chaos, but that is exactly what we have got, they don't seem to have come to an agreement with the DUP two weeks after the election", Corbyn told the Daily Mirror.