John Romero Is Auctioning off His Doom 2 Floppy Disks

John Romero Is Auctioning off His Doom 2 Floppy Disks

If you're someone who wouldn't mind owning a piece of that franchise and its history, you might be interested to learn that Doom's designer John Romero has put up the original Doom 2 floppy disks up for auction. Remember those? It's something you wanna get your hands on for that vintage feel.

There are five floppy disks to be exact.

Romero announced via Twitter that he's now auctioning off his original five Doom 2 floppy disks on eBay and will sign them if the victor requests so. Without any box or any manuals. Romero writes, "The version is 1.7 (the first DOOM 2 version.) No box included".

For what it's worth, Romero's signature seems to be worth more than creators from the Atari 2600 era; a collection of 13 VCS cartridges signed by their creators went for just $125 in 2013. "These are only the 3.5 disks". "These disks look great - no defects other than they are 23 years old so the glue from the label is slowly coming through (as they all do over time)." the listing reads.

He would even sign it too that's pretty awesome. I know I would.

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