Man who died during robbery was 'scared to death'

Man who died during robbery was 'scared to death'

Police said after the 56-year-old collapsed from what is believed to be a heart attack, the robbers did not allow his co-workers to help him or call 911.

The county medical examiner, though, has yet to issue an official finding on the cause of death. Additional autopsy tests are also pending.

According to a spokesperson with Culver's, it will happen mid to late afternoon.

MADISON (WKOW) - Madison Police said one man was killed during an incident at Culver's at 2102 W. Beltline Highway on Tuesday morning.

Authorities say the two masked robbers entered the restaurant about 3 a.m. while four men were working on a remodeling project.

The owner of the store said she's focusing on getting back to normal operations and she and employees need some time to heal, Pitas said. Police said one robber tried to break into the restaurant's safe while the other robber held the workers at gunpoint.

Madison's police chief says a man found dead at a Culver's restaurant early Tuesday morning had been "literally scared to death".

Madison Police say they are investigating the incident as a homicide, and they are calling for felony murder charges against the suspects. The restaurant will re-open when authorities have concluded their investigation. The other is described to be in his 20's, shorter than the other suspect.