Kingdom Hearts 3 Releases in 2018 With New Toy Story World

Kingdom Hearts 3 Releases in 2018 With New Toy Story World

During Disney's D23 Expo today, there was a quick presentation and trailer that finally let loose some additional details about when and what we can expect from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3.

Alongside that, a new world was shown off which comes in the form of Toy Story. Check out the lengthy gameplay trailer below.

"I can't go into specifics, but there's a LOT of new Disney stuff and we have our plates full".

We see Kingdom Hearts hero Sora taking on countless Heartless before he, Goofy and Donald arrive in the Toy Story universe. People were very excited for a new world to be revealed for the highly anticipated third installment in the Kingdom Hearts series, and now it's here. It is unknown if the game will feature other Pixar favorites, but Toy Story is an excellent addition either way. "I am happy and I hope the fans are happy", as the crowd at D23 roared. Kingdom Hearts 2 launched in 2005. This is the first time a character medal from Kingdom Hearts III has been added to the game. "KINGDOM HEARTS III will undoubtedly be an experience that fans will not want to miss".

Toy Story joins Tangled, Big Hero 6 and Olympus Colosseum (Hercules) as the worlds revealed thus far in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts III ($59 at Amazon) will be available for the Xbox One, and the PS4.