White House hires attorney Ty Cobb to manage Russian Federation investigation response

White House hires attorney Ty Cobb to manage Russian Federation investigation response

Caputo, in a telephone interview late Friday with WBFO, said what was supposed to be a two-hour meeting stretched to three and a half hours as lawmakers began asking similar questions about allegations the Trump campaign interacted with Russian operatives to influence the 2016 election.

Sources with knowledge of the meeting at Trump Tower have revealed that there was a ninth attendee, and they described this person's behavior as "peculiar". "Her statements were vague, ambiguous, and made no sense".

When the story of the meeting first broke, Trump's eldest son initially said that the discussion with Veselnitskaya focused on adoptions, specifically the Magnitsky Act, a USA law that blacklists Russians accused of human-rights abuses that so enraged Russian President Vladimir Putin that he retaliated by barring United States citizens from adopting Russian children. That's when Trump Jr. lost interest, Akhmetshin said.

Some analysts think the collusion line has been crossed. If it was inappropriate for Trump Jr.to meet with one Russian lobbyist with probable Kremlin connections, the attendance of a second doesn't make the meeting more inappropriate.

"As far as my son is concerned, my son is a wonderful young man", Trump said. "He's a good boy (at 39)". "It's called opposition research". "From a practical standpoint most people would have taken that meeting".

Rohrabacher's opinions on normalizing relations with Russian Federation have been known for decades, and several opponents have tried to make them a campaign issue without much luck. "The Democrats are going to destroy Donald Trump".

Trump Jr. has dismissed the meeting as "a nothing" that led "nowhere". He was not skilled in the ways of campaign protocol and was overeager to help his father.

Trump's advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner and then-campaign manager Paul Manafort were also in the meeting. The wording of the email soliciting a meeting with Veselnitskaya reads as if this was not an initial contact. He'll work inside the White House, and oversee the legal and communication strategies. The New York Times first reported the news about the meeting aimed at potential negative information about then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. From zero to 100 in six months.

The Hillary Clinton card expired on Election Day 2016, but Fox News is going to extremes to try to keep the reality of the Russian Federation scandal away from their viewers.

Even with the week's developments, the slow drip from the Trump faucet will continue. "This is not hearsay, not fake news, not unsourced leaks", Krauthammer said. Presidential tweets will attempt to shift focus.

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The White House announced Saturday the appointment of Washington lawyer Ty Cobb as special counsel, after reports that President Trump's advisors were looking to beef up the in-house team defending him in the growing Russian Federation scandal.