Amazon Is Making Its Own Messaging App

Amazon Is Making Its Own Messaging App

According to AFTVnews report, Amazon is working on an instant messaging app of their own.

According to some recent reports, the giant company Amazon, mostly specialized in e-commerce, is working on developing a new messaging app. So let's dive in to see some more details on what the new messaging apps from Amazon has to offer and when will the company release it.

Amazon's Anytime may work across all devices: desktop, mobile, Android and iOS. It will allow people to do a world of activities with just their username as identity.

We already have numerous messaging apps to choose from, but that that won't stop Amazon from creating its own. The subject recently gained momentum when WhatsApp announced to share user's data with Facebook for ad targeting. Things though are still being worked out with Amazon letting only a select group of users to test the app. Like Whatsapp, it will also encrypt messages.

Folks who enjoy using GIFs and playing games online will love Anytime, as these features will likely launch with the final product.

Amazon didn't forget about the main issue of privacy, so it promises that all chats and activities will remain private.

There can also be options to personalise your chats by adding color codes to conversations or giving nicknames to friends. In addition to this, business chat is also available alongside the ability to listen to music simultaneously.

You're probably exhausted of seeing new messaging apps attempting to break onto the scene, but it seems that retail behemoth Amazon may also try its hand at such a service - and it could put all other messaging apps to shame.

While certain corners of the software arena have been, well, cornered by a single big name, there are others in which there is choice aplenty.