Trump's Approval Rating Hits Record Low 6 Months In

Trump's Approval Rating Hits Record Low 6 Months In

Mr Tump's six-month approval rating is the lowest "of any president in polls dating back 70 years", ABC News reports.

The survey released yesterday showed just 36% of Americans thought he was doing a good job. On April 20, as Trump was nearing his 100-day mark, his approval ratings were at 42%. Trump has in recent days highlighted US economic growth in tweets, as his administration comes under increasing pressure over the investigation into alleged collusion with Russian Federation. Among Democrats, 8 in 10 believe Russian Federation attempted to influence the election and more than 6 in 10 think members of Mr. Trump's team attempted to aid their efforts.

Two-thirds of Americans do not believe the President is capable of negotiating and interacting with other world leaders on the global stage, most particularly with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Healthcare was also a contentious point, with 50% wanting him to keep Obamacare and not make changes.

However, counties that flipped from blue to red between the 2012 and 2016 elections approve of Trump significantly less than those that voted Republican both years.

It later emerged that an ex-Russian "spy" was also present, information that was not disclosed by Donald Trump Jr.

In addition, 38 percent of those surveyed said Trump has not made significant progress toward his goals, with 55 percent thinking otherwise.

Trump also sent one of his private lawyers, Jay Sekulow, onto five Sunday talk shows to argue that there was nothing illegal about son Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting a year ago with a Russian attorney following a promise of damaging information on Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Just 37 percent said that the Democratic Party "stands for something" while more than half - 52 percent - said it is merely standing in opposition to Trump.

Donald Trump's approval rating has plunged in a national poll, published on Sunday, that charts Americans' perceptions of a stalling domestic policy agenda and declining leadership on the world stage.

It could also be a random poll they send out every once in a while, but the timing - combined with the fact that the RNC asked nothing else - points to it being a specific response. Some 37 percent say the party now stands for something, while 52 percent say it mainly stands against Mr. Trump.

The poll, conducted July 10-13, has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.