UAE hacked Qatari Govt sites to plant false story

The countries all ties with Qatar last month, alleging that it supports Islamist militant groups, a charge Qatar has denied.

Jubeir praised the efforts exerted by Iraqi government led by Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi to purge the city of Mosul from ISIS terrorists.

U.S. officials concede they aren't yet sure if the UAE directly hacked the Qatari outlet, or "contracted it out", but either way it's clear this whole diplomatic crisis was manufactured ahead of time, with the goal of forcing Qatar to make concessions coming before the blockade was publicly discussed. "Next greater isolation, incremental measures & reputational damage stemming from Doha's continued support for extremism & terrorism", he tweeted.

Saudi Arabia's Government has accused Qatar of "grave violations, both in secret and in public". Other demands include shutting down Qatar's flagship Al-Jazeera network, cubring ties with Iran and expelling Turkish troops stationed in Qatar.

The deadline was extended by 48 hours on Sunday at the request of Kuwait, which is mediating in the crisis, and Qatar handed in the response on Monday.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian with Qatar's FM Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani.

To further pressure Qatar, Saudi Arabia has totally closed its land border with its tiny neighbor, through which much of Qatar's food supply crossed.

The Kuwaiti emir Sheikh Sabah said that despite the bitter feelings on both sides, he remained hopeful they could be made to fix "our Gulf home". The UN meanwhile said its under-secretary general for political affairs, Jeffrey Feltman, was in Kuwait for talks on ending the dispute.

"We are heading toward a long estrangement", Anwar al-Gargash said on Twitter, according to the Associated Press.

Two Qatari bankers involved in the deal told Reuters that the diplomatic crisis was the main reason for the deal being postponed, as it had reduced banks' appetite for the transaction. "If we ever had to leave, we would have ten countries willing to build us another one", he said, adding that he wanted "a good relationship" with the country despite the crisis.

Moreover, in the recent trip, the U.S. concluded a deal on fighting terrorism with Doha in what is believed to be a move to please Saudi Arabia and its allies. However, the remarks were reported across the region and caused a stir. Now with the ultimatum having expired, we see that these countries, which even threatened to take military action against Qatar, did not take any considerable action to make Doha back down from its position.

The Qatar 2022 World Cup was already controversial, with allegations of corruption during the bidding process.

The fact the question was asked so quickly highlights the fact that there has always been nagging concerns that Qatar would be stripped of the event.