Basketball: Boston Celtics to face Philadelphia 76ers at O2 Arena in London

Basketball: Boston Celtics to face Philadelphia 76ers at O2 Arena in London

The first regular-season games to ever take place in London came three years later, as the then-New Jersey Nets and Toronto Raptors played at O2 Arena on consecutive nights.

In other news, multiple reports indicated the Sixers will face the Knicks on Christmas Day at Madison Square Garden.

This matchup marks a burgeoning rivalry between these Atlantic Division sides, who were both active during a busy trade period and strengthened their squads across various departments. The 76ers fall in the latter category, of course, and it will be our time to show that we're on the rise.

Unfortunately for Sixers fans, this announcement comes with just a tiny bit of bad news: the Sixers are technically the home team in this game, meaning they'll play one less game at the Wells Fargo Center (and against a Eastern Conference rival like Boston, no less). The 76ers have never played a regular-season game in England.

London has become a permanent fixture of the National Basketball Association regular season, as league commissioner Adam SIlver continues his quest to boost the already massive profile of the National Basketball Association across the globe.

"The sport of basketball continues to show remarkable growth internationally and we're excited to travel to London to play in front of the great fans there on January 11", Harris said.

"It's very exciting for our team and the whole Celtics organisation to compete in front of our loyal fans in London", said the point guard. Now with a talented young roster featuring the must-see personality Joel Embiid - do they serve Shirley Temples in English pubs? - we're on the road to becoming one of the NBA's marquee teams.