Everything you need to know about those eclipse glasses explained

Everything you need to know about those eclipse glasses explained

While this eclipse is important, eclipses are a usual thing. In Carbondale, home of Southern Illinois University, the eclipse will reach its maximum duration of totality.

The next total solar eclipse will occur on April 8, 2024 and tract northeast from Texas to ME, crossing the path of the 2017 eclipse near Carbondale, Ill. The moon will move past the sun by 3:46 p.m.

According to the Storm Team, the last time one was visible in the United States was back in 1979. During that eclipse, the path of totality entered the US through the southwest corner of Washington state and passed over Denver, Jackson, Miss., and Orlando before exiting the country at the Atlantic coast of Florida. A composite of simultaneous telephoto and wide angle frames it was taken in the path of totality 18 years ago, August 11, 1999, near Kastamonu, Turkey.

If Aug. 21 comes and you don't have an approved eclipse viewer, you can always make a free and relatively simple device, like the "vastly underappreciated" pinhole viewer, UW-Madison's Lattis said.

Failing to protect your eyes when watching the eclipse can cause blindness because the radiation can destroy the photoreceptors in your retina, said Dr. V. Nicholas Batra, an ophthalmologist and president of the California Academy of Eye Physicians and Surgeons.

"A large section of the sun is going to not be covered by the moon here, that it will maintain near full daytime brightness".

We're just days away from a solar eclipse - and you're not going to want to miss it.

That's why the library this week announced that it's giving away special glasses for viewing the total solar eclipse on August 21, ensuring the public is properly prepared for the celestial event. It is right in the path and likely will not be obscured by clouds.

Eyes on the Eclipse is a part of the NASA's Eyes program, which allows users to follow missions such as Cassini, Juno or New Horizons through interactive apps. Hotels have been booked solid for months.

But as anyone who has tried to snap a photo of the sunset will tell you, capturing spectacular celestial events with your camera or phone often yields less than stellar results.

If you happen to miss this one or the clouds come in to spoil it, your next best chance will be on April 8, 2024.

Even though Pittsburgh will only see a partial eclipse, there are ways to mark the historic event without leaving town.

Never look at an uneclipsed or partially eclipsed sun without proper fitting solar eclipse glasses that meet or exceed ISO 12312-2.

When was the last solar eclipse?

"Even very dark ones are not safe for looking directly at the sun; they transmit many thousands of times too much sunlight", AAS says. Don't use them if they're bent, damaged or more than three years old.