Anti-migrant ship ignores help from rescue activists

Anti-migrant ship ignores help from rescue activists

The workers manning the boat didn't think twice about rescuing a bunch of alt-right creeps who meant to do harm to the vulnerable people the Sea-Eye swore to protect.

EU NAVFOR spokesperson Capt. Ettore Ruiu confirmed to BuzzFeed News that a patrol aircraft had spotted C-Star in worldwide waters near Libya at 9.00 a.m. local time (3.00 a.m. ET) having experienced an engine breakdown.

It reads: "Since Our cutter Sea-Eye is closest to the C-Star, we have been instructed by the MRCC Rome (the emergency service for the Western Mediterranean) to get the ship to help". Defend Europe itself has acknowledged that its true mission is to prevent migration to Europe, and one of the campaign's spokespeople, Martin Sellner, has unabashedly reported that the campaign's plan is to force migrants back to North Africa.

Sea-Eye founder, Michael Busch Heuer, said: "To help in distress is the duty of anyone who is at sea, without distinction to their origin, colour, religion or beliefs".

The Identitarian group running C-star, however, denied on Twitter that the vessel was in distress but said it had alerted other vessels because its main engine had stopped due to "a minor technical problem".

Members of the group - which includes a number of young far-right YouTubers - were detained by Italian police in May after Periscoping themselves firing flares at refugee rescue vessels in the Mediterranean.

"The problem is about to be resolved".

The group claims the rescuing of refugees from the Mediterranean Sea, where more than 2,400 men, women and children have drowned so far this year, is part of an "invasion" endangering the continent.

Sea-Eye said Italian officials had told their crew that the C-Star, operated by an anti-immigration group calling itself Defend Europe, had suffered a mechanical failure and could not manoeuvre.

Two NGO ships were badgered at sea by the C-Star last week with a radio message telling them to "leave the rescue zone" and "stop acting as an incentive for human traffickers".