Australia's former Catholic PM may lead case against gay marriage

Australia's former Catholic PM may lead case against gay marriage

"The condescending s--s think by making it postal, young people won't vote. prove them wrong".

Two separate challenges have been brought against the postal vote: one by independent MP Andrew Wilkie, marriage equality advocate Felicity Marlowe, and Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays Brisbane; the second by Australian Marriage Equality and Victorian Greens senator Janet Rice.

The retired judge labelled the vote "a novel, voluntary, non-binding, non-compulsory vote of a few citizens".

Turnbull's government said ballots for the vote could be sent to Australians as early as September 12, with responses due by November 7. "Why do people get a say if we can marry when it's nothing to do with them?" Polls show that Aussies are overwhelmingly in favour of marriage equality (not that it should's not f**king "X-Factor"). BUT.

"There are very good reasons why you don't put issues of human rights to a public vote", Rice told the Senate.

"The most powerful act of resistance and defiance is to vote Yes for equality", he said.

In case of a victory of the "yes", a free vote will be held in Parliament.

"This is a vote because some in the Coalition can never countenance equality, and they're never going to change their minds".

The cover reads: "The time for talking is over, The public are sick of bickering and political point-scoring about same sex marriage".

Several Liberal Party lawmakers have expressed exasperation with the handful of colleagues, including former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who have resisted a simple vote in Parliament.

The legal challenge will be heard in the court on September 5 and 6, Chief Justice Susan Kiefel told a directions hearing in Sydney this afternoon. "I'm a strong leader", he said.

"Make sure your whole household has checked their enrolment and is ready to go", he said. This means that Australians on the electoral roll will all receive a letter requesting their thoughts on whether the law should be changed for same-sex couples to marry.

Q Who will conduct the ballot? We simply can not leave these people undefended.

"It has no place in any debate in our country", he said. Bernardi has said he would vote against gay marriage regardless of what the plebiscite found. I think some of the issues that have been raised about issues like religious freedom, we've seen in other parts of the world that when we do redefine marriage that religions, Christians and others, can find it hard.

"It would take just so much planning for me to know where I'm going to be and sort out the paperwork to arrive at the right time and place".

"You talk about unifying moments?"

"When you feel attacked, we will defend you".

Turnbull said he is confident that the postal option did not need Senate endorsement.