Pall of gloom descends on death of IAS officer

Pall of gloom descends on death of IAS officer

The Buxar District Magistrate's body was recovered from the railway tracks, in Ghaziabad. Chand, the constable who found the body, with the head severed, on the tracks near Kotgaon (close to Ghaziabad railway station), said, "Padmavat Express had just crossed Ghaziabad and I was walking down the tracks when a passerby informed me of a body on the tracks.We discovered a suicide note and other documents which helped us ascertain his identity". The police are now investigating the matter and the reason of committing suicide is yet to be known. In the note it was written that Pandey, a 2012-batch IAS officer, was fed up with his life and lost his "belief on human existence". "Please forgive me", said the purported note, according to a senior police official. I am an IAS of 2012 batch of Bihar cadre...

Pandey had reportedly sent an SMS to his family members here last evening, mentioning his intent to commit suicide. "We have informed his family and forensic teams have reached the spot", Ghaziabad district magistrate Ministhy S was quoted as saying by the Hindustan Times.

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Ghaziabad GRP SHO Somvir Singh said that it seemed that the IAS officer committed suicide by jumping in front of a moving train.

The note also said that he had left a detailed letter in his suitcase, the police said. "We immediately reached at the district centre but found nothing", said a police officer. "All the CCTV footage was checked and in one of them, he can be seen leaving West End Mall around 5:55p.m.", said Deputy Commissioner of Police (West) Vijay Kumar. I am residing in room 742 of Leela Palace, Delhi.

Prior to Buxar, Pandey had worked in Begusarai's Ballia sub-division as an SDM (sub-divisional magistrate) and in Katihar as a DDC. Also, the alleged suicide note had details of a hotel room.

In it, he mentioned that even his wife loved him and vice-versa, they had different personalities and were like "chalk and cheese".

I am committing suicide in district centre area of Janakpuri, west Delhi near Hotel Piccadilly by jumping off the 10th floor of the building. After IAS, he was married to a large businessman in Patna.