Double Tap To Zoom Is Coming To The Google Camera Via Update

Double Tap To Zoom Is Coming To The Google Camera Via Update

The new version comes with features that were teased with the Android O Developer Preview 3.

Various reports indicated that this version also brings Selfie Flash feature but that feature debuted with the previous version of Google Camera (v 4.3).

As Android O nears its official launch for phones and tablets, other Android-based platforms are beginning to transition over. And now to the latest leak by David Ruddock; managing editor of tech site Android Police claims that Android O is going to be released along with its name on August 21.

"The Android O update for Pixel has been pushed back (surprise)".

Android O was supposed to arrive for Google's Pixel phones some time in mid-August.

Since this is still a Developer Preview, there are a few known bugs. It's not hard to imagine Google doing a cheesy tie-in with the biggest astronomical event of the year. Android O will bring features such as app badges, revamped settings interface, snooze notifications, new emojis among other great features.

The LG V20 from past year was the first non-Google phone to arrive with Android Nougat preinstalled.

Google also showcased its Android TV homescreen experience for Android O at the IO 2017 conference.

In addition to the double tap to zoom feature, the camera app is also adding another feature which should be useful to users - the ability to switch between the photo and video modes using a dedicated button.

Android O release date for Google's Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones is said to have been delayed for some unknown reason. The "Octopus" in the easter egg is being attributed to the full form of Android O. There is still no final word as to what will be the full form of Android O and what the official mascot will be.