Man missing for weeks died in elevator after emergency calls went unanswered

Man missing for weeks died in elevator after emergency calls went unanswered

The remains of an elderly man have been found inside an elevator in Colorado, where authorities believe he'd been trapped for a month.

Tenants at the apartment complex complained of an terrible smell coming from the parking garage elevator, leading to the discovery of the body.

Authorities told the Denver Post that despite having dementia, Komisarchik had the wherewithal to press the emergency button twice. The elevator cab where he was found is located in a parking garage that is under renovation construction and not now in active use.

Family members said the last time they saw Komisarchik, he was wearing gray pajama trousers and a gray-and-white striped shirt around 2pm on July 5.

A criminal investigation confirmed the number of times the emergency button was pushed, Pixley said.

"He could've gotten disoriented at times", she said.

"Something is not right", Pixley said. Some officials initially reported that Komisarchik's body was found in the elevator shaft, Pixley said.

In some cases the alarms are connected to the Denver Fire Department or an elevator monitoring company, which is responsible for investigating an emergency call.

The elevators at the apartment complex are monitored by MEI Total Elevator Solutions monitors. MEI did not reply to several phone messages left by the Denver Post seeking comment.

Once Isaak Komisarchik was reported missing from the apartment complex, the Denver Fire Department searched five ponds in the area of his home during their rescue efforts. The company said they are now investigating the incident with local authorities.

The cause of Komisarchik's death has not yet been determined, as officials said it's hard to determine when a body is badly decomposed.

Sometime between then and July 31, when reports of a foul stench led to the discovery of his decomposing body, Komisarchik died.

John White, the spokesman for Denver police, said the elevator "wasn't inoperable". Pixley said it's hard to determine a cause of death when a body is badly decomposed. However, police say apartment workers failed to check the parking garage elevator after checking two other elevators in the building.

Pixley said Denver Fire was never notified that the elevator was taken out of service and it met the appropriate fire code standards for 2016 and had the appropriate permits for operation in 2017.

Authorities determined that Komisarchik pushed the emergency button twice on July 6 at 9.09am and 9.17am, and got no response.

When a Denver firefighter responded, the elevator doors were open.