U.S. cargo ship remains stuck in St. Mary's River

U.S. cargo ship remains stuck in St. Mary's River

All passengers on a US cargo ship traveling to Brevort are safe after the vessel ran aground.

Following the incident, the St. Marys River was closed to commercial vessels from the Soo Locks east to 6 Mile Point - a roughly 9-mile stretch.

Stateside's conversation with Lieutenant Junior Grade Sean Murphy of the United States Coast Guard.

Additional vessels are beginning to queue up before and after the Soo Locks and in Lake Superior's Whitefish Bay, outside the river. The Coast Guard also said there was no sign of pollution.

Bulk carrier CALUMET ran aground at 2340 LT Aug 9 on St. Marys River in the United States zone at Sault Ste.

Once the vessel is refloated, it will be towed to a designated anchorage in Lake Nickolet for exterior and interior hull examinations.

The Calumet had left a steel mill on the Canadian side of Sault Ste.

An investigating officer and safety officer from the Coast Guard are on board the Calumet.

Contracted divers conducted an initial assessment of the vessel's stern Thursday and determined that it is structurally sound.

The cause of the grounding remains under investigation. The ship was not carrying any cargo, which made freeing it less complicated.