Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Trisha Paytas speaks out after quitting

Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Trisha Paytas speaks out after quitting

However, during CBBBOTS last night, Rylan revealed that the 29-year-old had walked.

It's been 11 days since Chad Johnson entered the Big Brother house, and he's made quite the impression on viewers so far with his cocky holier-than-thou attitude and chiselled, Adonis-like physique.

She went on to explain her decision to leave the house and why she regret walking from the house during a 15 minute video.

"Honestly, I've never met more frightful people then the ones in that #CBB house, they all just desperately want a career again". "I do not regret leaving now and I have some stuff to say".

She added in her video: "I have so much inside information on her".

The video is a mere four minutes long, but in that short space of time Trisha still manages to insult the majority of her former housemates, as well as calling out Celebrity Big Brother for being a "fucking joke of a show" - hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, after all. "Saying I walk and I have my a*s hanging out and I walk around with my legs showing".

On Thursday in the house Trisha complained after being put up for eviction again and took aim at Sarah, saying: "If I have to stay in this house with Sarah, I'm going to self evict".

She continued: "Sarah Harding is a piece of s*it, she called me a stupid cow".

Trisha claimed that Paul Danan had been fat shaming her after he said he nominated her for evication because she doesn't dress conservatively.

Trisha Paytas has spoken out after leaving Celebrity Big Brother 2017 tonight.