China Opposes Japan Statements on South China Sea

China Opposes Japan Statements on South China Sea

Cayetano and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi prove that the two countries have reached an accord and are coordinated in terms of their respective positions in the issue.

Vietnam alongside other countries also appealed to the partner countries and the global community to continue to support the efforts of ASEAN and China to fully and effectively implement the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties on the East Sea and push for early and result-oriented negotiations for an effective and legally-binding Code of Conduct of Parties on the East Sea. "(The Chinese) are not reclaiming any more", he said.

"I reaffirm that Cambodia is an independent state with territorial sovereignty and neutrality that is not involved in demands over territorial conflicts", Mr Sokhonn said.

MANY will find the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) foreign ministers' joint communiqué on the South China Sea disputes wanting in so many ways.

The joint communique appeared to be stronger than its draft which did not mention "land reclamation".

She stressed that the USA shares concerns over the developments in the region that they consider to be "unconducive to regional stability, such as land reclamation".

The Philippines, together with Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand founded ASEAN on August 8, 1967, in Bangkok with the aim of promoting the economic, social and cultural development of the region through cooperative programs in order to safeguard the political and economic stability of the region.

After a typhoon washed out the bridge in October previous year, China began to undertake reclamation anew on the southern end of North Island and "built a retaining wall around the [2.73 hectares] of new land to prevent further erosion".

He said the next paragraph was important. "Now, a lot of people are anxious, including myself that this might weaken our position in the end", he said. The first was that ministers took note of the issue, the second was that they expressed concern, and the third that some ministers were able to express their views.

"We should not return to the gloominess".

"With ASEAN itself divided and China's sway over individual ASEAN members growing", Glaser said, "this is an unsurprising even if disappointing development".

"You know, I always wanted to invite you here", Duterte, who is a also chairperson of ASEAN in 2017, told North Korea's Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho, as quoted by the SunStar media outlet. ASEAN failed to issue its customary statement on Saturday because of what diplomats said was disagreement about whether to make oblique references to China's rapid expansion of its defence capabilities on artificial islands in disputed waters.