August 21 solar eclipse requires safe viewing

August 21 solar eclipse requires safe viewing

To safely view the eclipse, pick up ISO certified eclipse glasses.

Doctors say that watching the phenomenon without proper protection can cause serious eye damage or even blindness.

The Great American Eclipse, the first solar eclipse visible in all of America since 1979, is coming up fast. However, in Madison - where a maximum of 85 percent of the sun will be blocked by the moon at about 1:15 p.m. - that won't be an option.

Eclipse watchers in the 60 to 70-mile wide "path of totality" that will cut through much of the middle USA could briefly look directly at the eclipse without protection when the moon fully covers the sun.

The safest way to look at the sun, whether during an eclipse or not, is through specially designed solar filters.

McDonald's locations in OR are on NASA and the American Astronomical Society's list of certified retailers of eclipse glasses, which allow you to safely watch the solar eclipse on August 21.

Read and follow all directions that come with your glasses or filters.

Another Portland resident, Will Clark, bought eclipse glasses billed as "CE and ISO tested, safe solar viewing". Do not remove them while looking at the sun.

As August 21 nears, scammers are flooding the market with fake solar eclipse glasses.

Don't look at the sun during the eclipse or at any other time through an unfiltered camera, telescope, binoculars or other optical device, even if wearing eclipse glasses or a solar viewer.

If you normally wear eyeglasses, put the eclipse-viewing glasses over them or hold the hand-held solar viewer in front of them.

Library hours are from 10 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. "Old fashioned pinhole viewers work just as good. and and they cost nothing".