Lady Killed in Triple Homicide, Police Arrested A Man in Long Island

Lady Killed in Triple Homicide, Police Arrested A Man in Long Island

A man accused of bludgeoning his mother, sister and another woman to death after being kicked out of his home on New York's Long Island is headed to court.

Bobby Vanderhall, 34, allegedly entered his mother's Hempstead home through the basement door at approximately 1:15 a.m. Saturday, Nassau County police confirmed in a statement to PEOPLE.

A neighbor, Earl Sykes, 38, had been driving home at around 1:20 a.m. when he spotted the surviving victim-barefoot and yelling-who then jumped on the hood of his auto, People magazine reported.

His younger sister Melissa, 28, and two friends heard the fatal beating, the paper reported.

'When he came here last night, the doors were secured and he became enraged, ' said Lt Fitzpatrick. "He went to the garage".

"He went to the garage".

Police on the scene where Vanderhall allegedly killed the three women.


A fourth woman survived the assault and is hospitalised. She was hospitalized to be treated for wounds from the attack.

A Nassau County Police spokesman says the women died from "blunt force trauma" injuries.

However, interactions with her son had grown more frightening, and she had an order of protection against him.

The police described Bobby as more than six feet tall and at weighing least 230 pounds.

Police found Vanderhall sleeping inside a parked auto, where he was arrested.

He had a record of arrests for drunken driving, drug possession and sexual abuse, according to reports.

'The family right now is distraught, ' said Juanita Johnson, a cousin of the Vanderhalls. "They had fun. That's consolation that they lived", the father told NBC.

Denis Simpson said his daughter, Janel (pictured, March 2016), had worked late as a secretary at Northwell Health and then went to her friend's house to hang out.