Drunk American tourist's Nazi salute sparks German punch-up

Drunk American tourist's Nazi salute sparks German punch-up

An American tourist in Germany has been punched after drunkenly giving a nazi salute multiple times on the streets of Dresden, Germany.

A drunken tourist from the United States was beaten up by a passer-by in Dresden, eastern Germany, the local media said Sunday.

The incident occurred early Saturday morning, apparently after a night of drinking.

Police added the American national was now under investigation for violating German laws against the display of Nazi symbols or slogans. According to officials, the name of the man is being withheld for privacy reasons, and he is also under investigation for using the insignia of unconstitutional organizations, which insignia includes various Nazi symbols, but reports gave no further information on that side of the investigation.

The American was detained by German police.

The tourist was heavily intoxicated and had a blood alcohol level of 0.276 percent. The tourist, who sustained minor injuries, was apprehended by police, although the attacker fled the scene and remains at large.

The Nazi salute, along with other symbols of Nazism such as the swastika, are banned in Germany in most contexts.

It's the second time in August that tourists have gotten themselves into legal trouble for giving the Nazi salute. The tourists were released after each posted bail, roughly $589 a piece.

This month the Switzerland Supreme Court convicted a man who was photographed giving the Nazi salute in front of a synagogue in Geneva.