Doctors Stress Proper Eye Protection For Viewing Solar Eclipse

Doctors Stress Proper Eye Protection For Viewing Solar Eclipse

Any filter less opaque than that may cause severe eye damage that would not become evident until hours later, Chou warned.

During the eclipse, you'll be able to see and photograph the structures in the Sun's corona.

The next solar eclipse visible from the continental United States will be April 8, 2024. However, at totality, when the Moon completely blocks the Sun, make sure to remove the filter so you can see the Sun's outer atmosphere - the corona. Just do not forget to wear your eclipse safety glasses for all stages of the eclipse before and after totality!

Science Central's gift shop is selling solar eclipse viewing cards for $1.99 each to the public and for $1 each for Science Central members.

"Exercise good judgment on the roads, plan ahead, no stopping on the side of the road and, of course, no driving with those eclipse glasses because it's really tough to see". The Bravas and Ragin' Cajun food trucks also will be parked nearby so people can enjoy food while they watch.

Some McDonald's locations outside of OR - including Missouri and Washington - are also selling eclipse glasses. The American Astronomical Society, a NASA partner, has verified that these manufacturers are making eclipse glasses and handheld solar viewers that meet the ISO 12312-2 worldwide standard for such products.

Inspect solar filters before use. Spokesman Kevin Fountain told that players, managers, and umpires will also be given glasses-but they can't be worn on the field-and that they will be educated in the days leading up to the eclipse about the dangers of looking directly at it without protective eyewear. Read and follow any instructions printed on or packaged with the filter. Destinations, venues-even an association or two-are making the most of the historic event, particularly those in the "path of totality". The optical device concentrates the sun's light, which can damage the solar viewer and then your eyes.

If you normally wear eyeglasses, put the eclipse-viewing glasses over them or hold the hand-held solar viewer in front of them.