Usher No Hookup at Days Inn ... I was All About My Girl!!!

Usher No Hookup at Days Inn ... I was All About My Girl!!!

Sharpton claims one of the singer's people took her number and she later received a phone call from Usher.

To prove he never slept with Quantasia, Usher argued that at the time (November 2014) he was engaged to Grace Miguel.

Usher tells them at the time of his alleged encounter, Grace was his manager and they spent ALL their free time together.

A woman publicly accusing Usher of potentially exposing her to herpes during a hotel hook-up has been backed by an alleged witness.

Still on the argument that by the plus-size lady, Quantasia Sharpton, that singer Usher Raymond infected her with herpes, more facts have been revealed in connection with the drama.

The hotel staffer concluded that they did have sex as he never returned to the lobby to fulfill his promise of taking the picture with her after she waited for an hour. Sharpton's story about the hotel night was corroborated with a Days Inn employee who said the singer was spotted in the hotel lobby and brought to the woman's room. They've also got an issue with a settlement Usher reportedly paid in 2012 amid a similar accusation, which they say he failed to disclose when he signed up for the insurance policy in question sometime a year ago.

The musician's original accuser, who is not represented by Bloom, is seeking $20 million (£15.3 million) in punitive damages, and wants another $20 million for emotional harm and medical bills.

She told TMZ she had got in touch because she was enraged by the 38-year-old's comment that Sharpton was "not his type".

Sharpton, who goes by the name Angel Valentino on social media, may have made people doubt her allegations when she wrote on Facebook, 'I need some money, ' a few days ago.