THQ Nordic Announces Black Mirror Reboot, Point And Click Horror Game

THQ Nordic Announces Black Mirror Reboot, Point And Click Horror Game

This new game, being a reboot, doesn't require any previous knowledge of three above games, as it tells a totally new and independent story. Or are the mysteries hidden inside the cold walls of Black Mirror house of a far more wordly nature?

While the familiar series point-and-click gameplay serves as the foundation for Black Mirror, this time around a whole new gameplay element is being introduced, as the ability to interact with "vision-like apparitions" allows players to discover more about the tragic history of the Gordon family. Players will take the role of David Gordon, recalled to his ancestral home in the Scottish Highlands, to uncover the mysteries behind his estranged father's sudden death, and the curse that is rumoured to plague his family.

Black Mirror will launch on November 28,2017 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC so be sure to pick it up if you were a fan of the original series.

Every family has secrets, but the Gordon family's threaten their sanity.

THQ Nordic have today announced a surprising new entry to their publishing lineup: Black Mirror, a reboot of a horror gaming franchise that many may not have heard of. The first part of the creepy adventure series was released in 2004 as "The Black Mirror", which produced two more spin-offs, "Black Mirror II" (2009) and "Black Mirror III" (2011). Blood is not always thicker than water, as he'll soon find out.

Black Mirror is being developed by KING Art Games, and it will thematically follow from the original games (even as it is narratively separated from them).

The developers stated that there indeed will be monsters in the game but the main focus will be psychological torture and a psychosis horror effect.